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Legislative Update

The following proposed bills have a potential impact on, or may be of special interest to the ETP program. Brief summaries are provided below.

ETP staff will update this page periodically. However, for the most recent versions, or to track the status of these bills, please visit the Official California Legislative Information website.


AB 2261 would create a Veterans Services and Workforce Development Division within the Department of Veterans Affairs to develop a Transitional Assistance Program and to oversee the Local Veterans Employment Representatives and Disabled Veterans Outreach Program. This bill would require specified staff to be transferred from various departments and agencies including the Employment Training Panel, to the Veterans Services and Workforce Division to facilitate a one-stop shop for veterans.


AB 2148 would provide that the California Workforce Investment Board is also responsible for assisting the Governor in the development of an annual report card that measures the state's human capital investments in workforce development and that provides, among other things, a status report on credential and degree attainment and wage gain outcomes of workforce education and training programs. This bill would also measure, at a minimum, the performance of the following programs: community college career technical education, the Employment Training Panel, Title I and Title II of the federal Workforce Investment Act of 1998, Trade Adjustment Assistance, and state apprenticeship programs.

SB 851, BUDGET ACT OF 2014 (LENO) and AB 1457, BUDGET ACT OF 2014 (SKINNER)

Both SB 851 and AB 1457 would make appropriations for the support of state government for the 2014-15 fiscal year. As introduced, the bills mirror each other and both reflect an increase in the Employment Training Panel's appropriation. These bills are consistent with the Governor's budget proposal, released on January 9, 2014.


In addition to providing that funds obtained from a person or entity in violation of a term or condition of a permit, license, certificate, or registration issued or an order adopted by the State Water Resources Control Board shall be deposited in the Water Rights Fund, this bill would eliminate the requirement that the Employment Training Panel (ETP) establish the Partnership for Workforce Recovery Training, and would instead require the ETP to develop and publish guidelines for the purpose of supporting and implementing one or more alternative fund programs to reimburse the cost of training using funds from a source other than the employment training tax.

Additionally, this bill would require the ETP, as needed in response to a proclamation of a state of emergency issued by the Governor under the California Emergency Services Act, to identify industries and occupations that shall be priorities for training funds for the purpose of funding special employment training projects that improve the skills and employment security of frontline workers and to waive specified wage and employment retention provisions.

Furthermore, this bill would provide that the ETP may waive the minimum wage requirements with respect to funds appropriated to the Employment Development Department for allocation by the ETP in the annual Budget Act for training of workers in regions identified in a proclamation of a state of emergency issued by the Governor under the California Emergency Services Act.

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