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The ETP process begins with an Orientation that outlines necessary procedures and requirements for applying for training funds. The Orientation is available on-line, or may be conducted in person or via the telephone. If you are interested in an in person or telephone orientation, please contact a Regional Office close to you, or ETP's Economic Development Unit at (916)327-4391 or Economic Development Unit. Upon completion of the Orientation, a Preliminary Application may be completed to determine basic eligibility to contract with ETP.

A flowchart providing an overview of the entire ETP contract development process can be found under the Quick Links. This flowchart identifies the major processes in a sequential outline from initial contractor interest to approval of the developed ETP contract. Also available is a training assessment resource entitled Planning Your Training Program. This resource outlines several key areas that should be considered when you are beginning to plan a training program.

The Contractor's Guide is a tool used by eligible contractors during the process of an agreement. The Guides as well as general information about ETP requirements, eligibility, the contracting process and curriculum are all available on our public website. Please contact a Regional Office in your area if you have specific questions regarding these resources.

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